Debt Policy

Policy statement

  • There are record keeping systems in place to monitor the payment of children’s fees; means of storing and sharing that information take place within the framework of the Data Protection Act and the Human rights Act.

  • This policy and procedure should be read in conjunction with the Confidentiality Policy and our Procedures for sharing information.


  • Fee invoices will be issued by the start of each term (based on six terms per year).

  • Deadline for payment will be fourteen days from the start of the new term.

  • Parents unable to meet the fees deadline due to financial difficulties are requested to contact the pre-school at the earliest opportunity to discuss payment options. Each case will be individually considered.

  •  If neither payment nor explanation is received by the deadline, reminder letters will be issued immediately.

  • If there is no response within one week of the letter being issued, the parent will be approached, normally by the Manager.

  • If payment of outstanding fees is not met within one week of this approach, the management committee will be advised and decide on further action.

  • Options include: - 

    • A Final Demand

    • Termination of the child’s place

    • Notification of proposed Court action.

However, pursuit of payment through the Small Claims Court should only be considered if the procedures above have been applied and there is no reason to believe that the parent concerned does not have the means to pay.

Notes: -

  • Fees continue to be payable even if the pre-school has to close due to circumstances beyond the Committee’s control (e.g. adverse weather or failure of facilities at the Recreation Centre). However, in periods of extended closure consideration may be given to a full or part refund of fees as a gesture of goodwill, but this will be considered on an individual case basis and will be subject to the Committee’s approval.

  • Full records of the procedure and outcome of any debt recovery should be kept

  • From the start of Term 1, 3 or 5 after a child’s third birthday, they may become eligible for Government Funding. Any session attended beyond the amount of Funding provided will be at the parent’s expense and will be invoiced for at the start of term.

  • If a child leaves the pre-school unexpectedly, payment for his/her place continues to be due until written notification that they have left is received.

  • If a debt from a previous term is not paid by the start of the next term, then the automatic right to a place for the child is forfeited.

  • The identity of any parents with outstanding debts or with payment difficulties will be made known only to the Chairperson, Manager and Administrator; unless a full management committee decision is required with regard to how to proceed with pursuing a debt. At all times, the committee will work with the Manager and Administrator and may exercise discretion when dealing with individual cases of debt.

  • If a parent is persistently late in paying their fees, we reserve the right to request that their fees are paid in advance for the following term. An invoice will be issued 5 working days before the end of the existing Term, for payment by the end of that Term.

  • If a parent has left the pre-school with an outstanding debt for a child, we reserve the right in the future not to admit any child from the same family.

  • Any cheque received in respect of fees or any other payment due to the Pre-school, that is returned unpaid, will incur an administration fee of £10.00.

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